(no subject)… As usual!!

I have had such a crazy week with school so I am (also as usual!) late posting!!

Here is Hermana Baker’s email:

Happy Catalunya day everyone!!!!!!!!!

Well, sorry about last week, trasfers were a bit crazy! My new companion is Hermana Fuller from Texas. I’m still in Vic, and to be honest, I’m actually starting to freeze here. The high for all week is 70. That is the high. And it only gets colder from here. It is awfull.
But, we had a miracle yesterday!! My second or third week here in Vic I contacted a joven named Diego and he was really interested! We set up a cita with him, the only problem was, he didn’t know the name of his street!!!! He told us the general area of his street. Unfortunately, we could not find it. But about a month or so ago, we found it! But he wasn’t home. He was never home, and we just could not ever catch him at home. Last Wednesday we went to try to find him and we foud his brother and his brother’s girlfriend! They told us that he moved out, but they gave us his phone number! So last night we were FINALLY able to contact him. And he remembered us and now we are going to teach him on Wednesday. It was just so incredible because I tried SO HARD to find this joven again, and I finally did! I am so exccited to be able to teach him and help him draw closer to Our Saviour! Missionary work really is the work of miracles.
And thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes!!! It meant a lot to me!!!
-Hermana Baker



Here are the pics she sent:


















Here is the video she sent:

Hermana Baker and Hermana Fuller

Birthday greetings!

Also, here is the link to the folder of ALL the videos I have and will upload during Hermana Baker’s mission!!    Hermana Baker Videos from Mission 2017-2018

Also, I got my #month4 gift this last week! It was a couple days late so I was getting sad but my mystery gifter didn’t let me down!! This is better than #ipsy !!! LoL




Here’s a little info about Catalunya  Day!!



Lots of love to all!!

~Regina Vanscoder (Hermana Baker’s M<3m)

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